Overdue Patient Recall Scheduling

Bring A Personal touch back to patient recall

Capitalize On Untapped Potential

CallForce fills your empty chairs by setting appointments with your overdue patients.

How It Works

Don't worry, we've got this.

Securely Connect

We securely connect to your practice management software to see when you have empty chairs.

Pull Recare List

We'll pull your list of overdue patients directly from your practice management software.

Call After-Hours

We place calls directly from your office's phone number to your overdue patients when they are most likely to be home

Schedule Appointments

Our Hygiene Coordinators will schedule appointments right back into your practice management software.

Send Calling Report

You will receive a report on not only patients scheduled, but also those who did not schedule and why.

Increase Production

Rest assured knowing that your patients are not slipping out the back door.

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Full Chairs. Full Pocket Books.

Capitalize on untapped potential by bringing overdue patients into your office


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Why Us

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Dental Specific

Don't trust your patients to just any company. CallForce has been centered around dentists for 8 years and will be able to handle your patients' dental concerns.


Whether you just need to quickly catch up on a list of overdue patients, or you have a database full of names that need to be scheduled, we have your back.

Pay For Results

You only pay when we schedule an appointment, nothing more. No hidden costs or monthly subscription fees.

Daily Reports

In addition to appointments, receive information on patients who have moved, updated contact info, and more. Included free of charge.

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