Overflow Call Answering

 Miss A New Patient  Leave Calls Unanswered  Scramble For A Phone  Be Unavailable  Leave A Chair Empty

Ditch The Answering Machine

Not Just A Glorified Voicemail

Instead of just taking a message, we work with your patients to resolve questions, schedule appointments, and meet their needs in order to make your life easier.

Dental Specific

Don't trust your patients to just any call center. CallForce has been centered around dentists for 8 years and will be able to handle your patients' dental concerns.

Schedule Appointments

If a patient needs to schedule/reschedule an appointment, we can do that for you. Even better, we can schedule those appointments into any practice management software.

HIPAA Complient

Our hygiene coordinators have all been trained to handle personal health information and are certified to handle your patients' needs

We Have Your Back

Out at lunch? Check. Busy with a patient? Check. If you can't reach the phone, we'll answer and take care of the patient for you

Capture Every Lead

Don't miss out on leads. Rest assured knowing that patients new and returning will not slip through the cracks.

Save Time

Appointments scheduled will be entered directly into any practice management software. No matter what you are using, we can work with you.

Schedule A Demo

You know you need it.